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Rainbow Craft Kit

$32.00 each
Yarn Color


Rainbow Craft Kit

Personalized wood rainbow craft for kids! Fun for adults, too.

Simply decorate with fabric, ribbon, yarn, or even pipe cleaners. If using fabric, strips cut to .75" by 4" wide work out well!

You can add yarn to your order! We'll include SIX colors from either pastel or bright options (red/pink, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple/lavender). Your rainbow has 4 bands, so you can use any four colors you'd like, or get creative and blend them! Simple tools and instructions will also be included if you add yarn to your order.

Recommended age: 5+
Expect this project to last 1-2 hours. With thick ribbon or tied fabric strips, about 1 hour.

Size: 1/8" thick pine, about 11" across

Wood • Personalized • Made in America


Plastic • Durable • Sanitary • BPA Free • 3D • Made in the USA

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