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Seasonal Mason Jar Vases
Craft Project

$14.00 each

Add-on Paint Kit

Seasonal Mason Jar Vases
Craft Project

Paint your own flowers to match the season! A great craft for all ages. Outer layer of the vase is clear acrylic, to mimic the look of a Mason jar.

Order by the season! Or purchase the full set and get every season plus one mason jar vase, so you can swap out the flowers year-round.

Supplies you need:
- Acrylic paint, markers or colored pencils
- Brushes if using paint
- Glue, any kind

Size: Vase is 3" wide, 5" high; flowers are 8" to 10" high

You can now add a paint kit to your order. It includes 8 quality acrylic paints (primary colors + secondary colors + black + white), one brush, two sponges and instructions for mixing additional colors.

Personalize it! A message can be written on the acrylic layer in dry-erase marker (erasable) or Sharpie (permanent).

Wood fiberboard and acrylic • Made in America


Plastic • Durable • Sanitary • BPA Free • 3D • Made in the USA

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