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Steel Rods 1
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Steel Rods

$1.00 each
$0.80 per unit for buying at least 20
$0.70 per unit for buying at least 50
$0.60 per unit for buying at least 100
$0.50 per unit for buying at least 200


Steel Rods

We've now made it easier to upgrade your past orders to steel rods by selling them separately. Steel rods are available for $1 per rod. Two sizes are available.

6" steel rods
8" steel rods

Replacing a wood dowel is actually pretty simple (and quick!). Use pliers to remove the stick from your prop, then use a hot glue gun or super glue to secure the steel rod in its place. There is no need to drill a larger hole in the prop, as our steel rods and wooden dowels are the same diameter.

8" replacement wood dowels as well as custom length wood dowels are also available.

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Prop Bags $0.50 each
Wood Dowels $0.25 per unit for buying at least 20

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