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misfits_03_buttonmisfits_02_buttonmisfits_01_buttonThe Misfits<br />10 Imperfect PropsThe Misfits<br />10 Imperfect PropsThe Misfits<br />10 Imperfect Props

The Misfits
10 Imperfect Props

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The Misfits
10 Imperfect Props

The Misfit sale is back! For a limited time only, you can get imperfect props at a BIG discount -- less than $3.00 per prop! PLEASE READ THIS ENTIRE LISTING.

This set includes 10 imperfect plastic props on steel rods. Styles may include any of our handmade designs -- beards, XL mustaches, glasses, ties, pipes, smiles and mustaches. Each set of 10 pieces will be different!

Styles and colors will vary. We will do our best to send you the most diverse set possible. The more sets you order, the higher the chance of receiving two or more of the same prop.

These slightly imperfect props are just as durable and strong as any other props we offer, though they have minor flaws. There are many steps in the process of making props that sometimes create these little "hiccups" but they do not effect the overall integrity of the props. These photos show actual "Misfit" props. Most blemishes will not appear in photos.

Dimensions: range from 1.5 to 6" wide
Stick options:
6" steel rods
8" steel rods

Examples of these imperfections include:
- Scratch or air bubble in the plastic
- Discontinued design
- Patch of mismatched sheen, color or metallic coating
- Prop poured a little too thick
- Color comes out too dark or too light

****If you have a color or style preference, you are welcome to state it at checkout and we will TRY to accommodate your request. Say for example, you'd really be thrilled to have a purple tie included -- make the request, and if we happen to have a Misfit purple tie, you'll have that in your set!

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