About Us Frame
Behind The Whiskers

About Our Family Business

Whisker Works is a husband-and-wife team based in Sanford, Florida, USA, about 30 minutes north of Orlando. Alex primarily handles the pouring and production of photo booth props, while Amber runs our three laser machines and craft department. We pride ourselves with being an all-American business, from start to finish. We couldn't do what we do without the help of our colorful team of assistants - Jessica, Jenny, Melissa and Katie. 

OUR CRAFT KITS  have been featured in Etsy’s Christmas Gift Guide multiple times, and shared all around the internet! Most of our production is done using laser-cutting machines.

OUR PROPS  have been featured in print and on national television. We mold them in hard plastic from handmade clay originals; all mustaches and smiles are durable and strong. They’re also easily cleaned with soap and water, which makes them more sanitary than other paper and felt products. All of our props are BPA- and phthalate-free. For added durability and strength, steel rods are available in place of standard wooden dowels.


Our Mustache Philosophy

Male and female, young and old, these silly mustaches and smiles bring friends and family together in a hilarious way. We’d call that a successful ingredient for any celebration.

Whisker Works props are sure to add a hilarious twist to any celebration! Whether used as wedding or party favors, silly photography props, photo booth accessories or for personal entertainment, nothing says fun as uniquely as Whisker Sticks. Thousands of satisfied customers agree.